Best Digital Engagement

(Formerly Best Website)

• To recognise excellence in a website & other digital social platforms or channels including website & social media sites supporting a New Zealand radio station or network. 
• To recognize excellence as demonstrated though compelling content and design, functionality, use of technology, innovation and overall effectiveness.

This award is made to the entry which best supports and enhances the core programming and services of a New Zealand radio station or network. Nominated entry will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges and the winning entry will be that which achieves the highest overall rating.

• A written submission of no more than 600 words outlining the strategic role and objectives of the entry in supporting the network or station.
• Entry details must include screen grabs of the nominated website & other channels that form part of the entry.
• Nielsen Online statistics including unique browsers and page impressions growth in the last 12 months. Additional statistics for other channels if applicable. Only NZ site visit figures can be submitted with the entry.

Entry Requirements
10 Points

The value, usefulness, originality and quality of content directly linked to brand essence and target market. Content should be engaging, relevant, and appropriate for the audience. It should encourage users to return. There should be attention to detail, and simple processes for user interactivity.

10 Points

Structure and navigation relates to the framework of the entry. Organisation of content, prioritisation of information, and the ease at which the user can move about. Entries with good structure and navigation are consistent, intuitive and transparent.

10 Points

Including graphic design aesthetics and the overall appearance of the entry. Visual design will be high quality, user friendly, appropriate and relevant for the audience and the brand it is supporting.

10 Points

Considers the use of technology. Accessibility and compatibility with different browsers, screen resolutions, plain text and HTML versions, universal accessibility (eg screen readers, font enlargement options). The most functional entries also give particular consideration to those with special access needs.

10 Points

focuses on the ability of the user to actively participate. Simple sign up and unsubscribe options for e-letters, availability of forums, facilities for feedback and searches for information. Simple processes for user generated content.

10 Points

Overall effectiveness will be measured by traffic and statistics supplied by Nielsen Online. This includes unique browsers and page impressions growth in the last 12 months.

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